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President's Message

To the Members of the TDIAI,

I would like to thank President Cathleen McClain, Chairperson of the Board Casie Parish-Fisher, and the members of the Board for all the hard work and the difficult decisions they have had to make this past year.  They did an outstanding job during a very stressful, challenging, and unprecedented time on behalf of the organization and members. 

As we move forward this year, I would like to encourage all to be open to new and different ways to conduct our jobs and daily lives.  Every day it becomes clearer how our actions, in the work place and at home, affect those around us.  Not only are we dealing with COVID and its related health risks, but now we have challenges facing our profession that we’ve not had in the past.   The future will present unique issues and opportunities for all.   

This year, the conference site and program committees are working diligently to provide us with a safe and healthy location and program for our 2021 Educational Conference, which will be held in the Omni at the Star in Frisco, TX.  I have also asked the education committee to review and post any training opportunities that they find on the TDIAI website.  I would request that while you, the membership, are trying to find those training hours you need for certification and experience, please forward that information to the education committee so that it can be posted and shared with all.

We have NEW VOLUNTEER opportunities to serve alongside Michael Kessler, our treasurer, and Stoney Cook on a special committee to research the creation of a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization to assist the TDIAI with our annual educational conference.  This was discussed at the 2019 mid-year business meeting, but no follow up was conducted due to the cancellation of our conference this past year due to COVID.  If you have experience working with and /or knowledge of how to create a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, or don’t but would just like to be involved, please contact me so that we can form this special committee.  Many organizations have done this to take the financial burden off the membership to fund their educational conferences.   

On behalf of the TDIAI, I want to thank you for keeping our communities safe, and ask that you keep yourselves and family safe as well.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2021 Education Conference in Frisco.

Mask Up!!  Keep safe and socially distant,

David Taylor

 TDIAI President



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